Message from ORCA-USA President

During the cultural evening of the 2004 ORCA-USA Reunion in California I happened to meet the remarkable Khan philanthropic family: Dr. Imdad Khan, Mrs. Sitara Khan, and their daughter Selina Khan. We were thankful to them that they came to attend our program, and we were impressed by their unassuming demeanor. I still remember Dr. Khan saying in his speech: "I want to share my wealth with the less privileged." In his speech as the organizer-in-chief Dr. A.H.M. Kamal proposed to Dr. Khan to sponsor through us a kidney center in North Bengal. Dr. Kamal has been involved in materializing many nonprofit projects in Bangladesh. But this proposal

seemed preposterous to me given the sizable funding needed. Dr. Khan asked for the project proposal. It was Kamal's untiring effort, well supported by the selfless time of many that the concept turned into a reality. Dr. Kamal submitted a detailed proposal, painstakingly developed with input from Dr. Sharifuzzaman and Dr. Mahmudur Rahman of Bangladesh, and Shahab Ahmed (USA), of establishing four dialysis centers - in Rajshahi, Bogra, Rangpur and Kushtia. The original proposal was revised to include a center in Dhaka that will act as training and support facility for the other centers. I want to point out to some notable aspects of this endeavour.

The late Imdad and Sitara Khan Foundation (ISKKF) has not only ventured to sponsor the five centers, it has also provisioned for free dialysis service for patients who cannot pay. This type of arrangement may be the first of its kind in Bangladesh in the field of dialysis.
The implementation of the project in Dhaka and the one to be inaugurated shortly in Rajshahi, has seen the joint effort of ORCA and non-ORCA members, including our beloved teacher from the 1970s: Mr. Fazlul Quader, who retired as Principal, Girls Cadet College, Mymensingh.

The project faced overwhelming hurdles one after another which delayed everything by at least a year. But the implementation team did not lose heart. The project displayed globalization at work with the indefatigable Managing Director, Dr. Kamal, directing from the USA, and his field units in Bangladesh.

On behalf of all members who had their concern and input for this project, I wish to applaud the efforts of Dr. Kamal, Sufi Hossain Zulfiqar Haider, Air Commodore (Retd) Golam Tawhid, Dr. Mahmudur Rahman and Mr. Aminur Rahman. I wish to make honorable mention of the efforts of my teacher and mentor, Mr. Fazlul Quader. I also wish to thank Independent Dialysis Foundation (IDF) of Maryland, USA, for its donation of a number of dialysis machines. It has enabled us to expand our original plan. ORCA-USA member Shahab Ahmed contacted IDF and our hearty thanks to him for all his efforts. Finally, I want to thank members of ORCA-USA Executive Committee for their concern for the project, and input. May the Almighty bless everybody's efforts and may the centers endure countless years serving suffering Bangladeshis.

Dr. Shaikh Abdul Hamid
President, Old Rajshahi Cadets Association-USA Chapter (ORCA-USA)

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