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It was May, 2004, when I was able to pursue Dr. Khan, Mrs. Sitara Khan and their daughter Selina Khan to be a guest of honor in ORCA-USA's reunion held at San Francisco Bay Area, California. ORCA-USA is the US-based chapter of ORCA, Old Rajshahi Cadets' Association. Dr. Khan belonged to the class of a very generous philanthropist in the Bay Area. US chapter of ORCA was founded not only to nurture the fellowship among the Rajshahi Cadets' Alumni but to extend its role as a charitable organization.Dr. Khan was approached to establish and fund a kidney center project in Bangladesh through ORCA.

There was a discussion among our group to contribute in the health sector in Bangladesh, especially in the filed of renal disease. Dr. Khan, being a Bangladeshi American responded very positively to our appeal. Both Dr. Khan and Mrs. Sitara Khan ended their talk with a note that he would evaluate our proposal and if liked would support the project. A lot of efforts and selfless dedication from many ORCA, non-ORCA members in the USA and Bangladesh helped us in the formalization of a proposal. The project was approved by the Khan Family Foundation in Dec. 2004.

In the original proposal the goal was to setup only 1 dialysis center in Rajshahi, the divisional headquarter of northern Bangladesh. There was no dialysis facility in Rajshahi until 2005, not even at Rajshahi Medical College. People with renal failure had to travel to Dhaka, the capital city, and go through inexplicable financial burden, mental agony and uncomforting situation. Rajshahi is also the town where our Alma mater, Rajshahi cadet College, is located. Strategically suitable Rajshahi was a natural choice for all of US. Later, in a very encouraging development, ORCA-USA received a number of dialysis machines as donation from Independent Dialysis Foundation (IDF), Maryland. This donation was the basis for the revised program. The program was revised to implement more than one dialysis facilities in a number of district headquarters in Bangladesh. Most of the renowned doctors and leading medical facilities in Bangladesh are Dhaka based. So it was later decided to build a Dhaka-based facility that can be used to train doctors, technician of peripheral facilities and also treat critical patients.

Implementation of the first phase of the project has been delayed by many unfavorable events, especially by the bureaucratic system of Bangladesh. Our team confronted many unfriendly issues in releasing the donated machines from the Ministry of Health, DG Health, Ministry of Commerce, NBR and Bangladesh Customs. However, no good intentions remains punished for long time. After many odds we are happy to announce the inauguration of the first "Imdad-Sitara Khan Kidney Center" in Bangladesh. I would like to thank the former commerce minister Maj. Hafiz (Retd.),Bir Bikram, Md. Abdul Karim, Chairman, NBR, Aminul Islam Bhuiya, Secretary, Youth & Sports for helping release the donated machines. Also I would like to extend appreciation to Mr. Md. Asheque Hossain, member NBR for his assistance. My heartfelt gratitude goes to all executive committee members of Imdad-Sitara Khan Kidney Centers (ISKKC), Bangladesh, especially, Prof. Fazlul Qader, Air Commodre M. Golam Tawhid (Retd.), Mr. Sufi Hyder Zulfiqar Rahman, Dr. Mahmudur Rahman Pial and Mr. Aminur Rahman, Commissioner of Taxes, without whom this project would have never been materialized. Special thanks to Dr Abdul Hamid, president of ORCA-USA and all executive committee members of ORCA-USA for giving all organizational support to receive US charity needed for this initiative. Many thanks to Mr. Shahab Ahmed, USA, who persuaded IDF for the donation of the Fresinius machines.

I personally think most of the odds are behind us. We have built a very good team comprising members from Bangladesh and the USA. We remain committed to providing a helping hand to the people with limited fortune and means.

Abu Hena M. Kamal, PhD

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